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Yoruba Language Program Objective

The Boston Language Institute, New England’s leading language school, offers Yoruba language courses to individuals and companies. The quality of instruction provided in our Yoruba language classes are on a par with the best native Yoruba language school.

We consider it to be the major goal of our program to have you use Yoruba in as large a variety of real-life situations as possible. To that end, our Yoruba courses have been designed to build fluency in both the spoken and the written language. Please note that unless we have the minimum enrollment of four students at the beginning of each of our four main sessions (consisting of eight weeks), we are not able to offer a regularly scheduled group class. Students have the choice of either placing their names on a waiting list for a possible group class or making arrangements for private instruction.

Introductory Yoruba

Introduces both the spoken and the written language, with conversational proficiency as the primary goal. The course emphasizes grammar, oral expression, and listening comprehension, and is designed to give beginning students a practical command of the language. Upon completion of this course, you can expect to be able to speak in a present and a future tense, to have enough vocabulary (500 to 1,000 words) to participate in basic everyday conversation, and to be able to read and write a simple letter.

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