Pope Francis loses his temper, shouts at cheering crowds (photos, video)

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– Pope Francis was greeting crowds at a stadium in Morelia, Mexico

– The excited fans pulled the Pope’s robe, causing him to fall onto a wheelchair-man 

– The Pointiff got angry and yelled: “No seas egoísta. Qué te pasó, no seas egoísta.”

Pope Francis has shown a rare sign of irritation while greeting tens of thousands of young people gathered at an open-air Mass at the Mexican city of Morella, Michoacán state, on Tuesday, February 16.

Pope Francis gets angry

The Pope has shown a rare sign of anger during his trip to Mexico

Extraordinary footage shows the excited crowd pulling the Pointiff’s robe so hard he lost his balance and fell onto a wheelchair-bound man.

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While security guards are asking people to move back the Pope is heard shouting: “No seas egoísta. Qué te pasó, no seas egoísta”, which means “Don’t be selfish, don’t be selfish.” He then manages to recover, kiss the man on the head and moves on waving to the cheering people.

Pope Francis gets angry at young people in mexico

Francis was at a stadium in the western city of Morella on Tuesday, when he fell onto a child in a wheelchair

Pope Francis is currently on his six-day trip to Mexico, where he visits some of the poorest and most violent regions to speak against drug-trafficking and bring a message of hope to the next generation.

Pope Francis loses temper

“Don’t be selfish, don’t be selfish.”

Mexican drug cartels now dominate the wholesale illicit drug market and in 2007 controlled 90% of the cocaine entering the United States. Analysts estimate that wholesale earnings from illicit drug sales range from $13.6 billion to $49.4 billion annually.

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Arrests of key cartel leaders, particularly in the Tijuana and Gulf cartels, has led to increasing drug violence as cartels fight for control of the trafficking routes into the United States.

Pope Francis in mexico

Thousands of young people gathered at an open-air Mass at the Mexican city of Morella, Michoacán state, on Tuesday

By the end of Felipe Calderón’s administration (2006–12), the official death toll of the Mexican Drug War was at least 60,000. Estimates set the death toll above 120,000 killed by 2013, not including 27,000 missing.

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