Police officer drinks himself to stupor, makes a mockery of himself (Video)

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– A police officer has made a mockery of himself after taking one too many bottles of alcohol

– The officer ended up rolling in the mud uncontrollably

– A video of the officer which has gone viral shows him chanting ‘woe unto you’ as residents humiliated him

A Nigerian police officer has been found in a very shameful state.

The unnamed officer was caught on camera, highly drunk and rolling on the floor with his uniform.

The video has gone viral on social media.

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In the very video, residents were seen pouring buckets of water on the officer, who kept saying, “Woe onto you.”

Police officer drinks himself to stupor, makes a mockery of himself

The unnamed officer was found screaming woe unto you

It is not clear where the incident happened but the language heard on the background depicts it is in a community in Nigeria.

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The man in uniform was heavily drunk that he could not hold himself standing as residents humiliated him.

Similarly, a photo of a lady, said to be a student of Midlands State University in a drunk state, went viral on WhatsApp about two weeks ago.

HMetro reports that the young lady and her friends who are from the Local Governance Department of the school went on a drinking spree.

The unnamed lady was snapped heavily drunk vomiting as well as sleeping besides a 750 ml Red Label whisky.

In the NAIJ.com video below the family of a petty trader identified as Kudirat Adebayo who was allegedly shot and killed by a stray bullet reportedly fired by a policeman plead for justice.

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