OPINION: Operation Python Dance: We don’t want your medical service, we are not sick

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Editor’s note: There has been reaction from some residents in Anambra over the free medical service offered by the Nigerian Army in the south east as part of Operation Python Dance.

In this opinion submitted to NAIJ.com, the writer wondered what the vaccination was for and asked the army not to render them since the people are no more interested.

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Wonders shall never end! Initially I dismissed the stories as false alarm and continued unperturbed to conduct my case in court. Some of my colleagues, like Mrs. Amara Okoye Okaro, abandoned their cases and drove to their kid’s school to retrieve them.

I later learnt from my nephew Ifeanyi who works with EEDC that he had gone to my kids’ school and taken them home even without letting me know first because according to him, there was no time to waste. I really did not know what to believe. It was later last night that I learnt that the entire saga was not an empty alarm. There can be no smoke without fire. The Anambra State Government came out with an official statement to the effect that the Nigerian Army was actually conducting a free medical exercise for the public as part of their corporate social responsibility. That was when I thanked Ifeanyi my nephew for thoughtfully rescuing my kids from school yesterday.

For the first time in my life I am hearing that Army has “a corporate social responsibility” which include free medical vaccinations. On the television, I watched an Army colonel state that the free medical services by the Army was part of the exercise of Operation Python Dance.

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Another curious statement. I listened to the press briefing by the Commander of Egwu Eke II prior to the commencement of the inglorious operation. He never mentioned that free medical services will also be rendered to us during the Python Dance.

Up till now the Army has not explained the exact details of this medical exercise. What are the vaccines for or against? How did they notify the public about the exercise? Why were they administering their vaccines by force on the school children alone? Why should the exercise be limited to some communities in South East States? When and where else have they carried out that exercise before yesterday??

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The Army should leave our children alone. Free medical services must not be rendered by sheer force by stern looking men on camouflage army uniform.

The reactions of parents have said it all. We don’t want your medical services. We are not sick. Let the Python finish its dance and go back to its natural habitat!!

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